Borderlands Hacking/Modding Service for PS3, XBOX 360, and PC.

Must have email, USB Device for PS3 and XBOX 360 (USB Flash Drive, I-Pod with the white chord or an mp3 player, etc.) and Borderlands. I now accept Online Storage for the PS3 if you have that follow step 2 and save it to your online storage and then send me your PSN username and password to make things a little easier. Send it to me through an email (, The Playstation Network(ZachAttack1996), or YouTube (SupermanSmallville1.) Don't risk you getting your account stolen by putting it in the comments. Send it to me in a private message on YouTube if your sending it to me that way.

I play Borderlands on:

PSN: ZachAttack1996

Gamespy: ZachAttack1996

Steam: ZachAttack1996


Watch PS3 tutorial video, or Watch PC tutorial video.

I hack higher level, more money, backpack and bank space (I'd recommend 1,000 for backpack and 100,000 for bank because game can crash), class mods, grenade mods, alien guns and artifacts, 2 million damage shotgun, 2 million damage combat rifle, 2 million damage repeater pistol, fully automatic sniper rifle, make you be on fire like a badass psycho, I'm working on Marcus's bobblehead, ammo drops, pearlescent weapons gold guns, boss guns, custom guns and items, ammo regenerating guns, any xp, change gun or item level requirement, an impenetrable shield(shield capacity won't go down), more slots for you gun, more skill points, better parts for guns and items, better quality in guns and items, change character name, add locations to new-u station, unlock 2nd playthrough, change save number, change current location, edit mission log, duplicate weapons and items,can equip or unequip guns in backpack, change gun proficiency level, add ammo sdus which means more mags. I can also change your gamesave to a different system (PS3, XBOX 360, or PC). EXCLUSIVELY FOR PC: low gravity and third person view.

Check out my YouTube Channel, SupermanSmallville1.

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